Which barstool size is right for my home?

Which seat height do I need?

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For a 34-35″ high counter, you will need a 24″ high stool.

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For a 36″ high counter, you will need a 26″ high stool.

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For a 41-43″ high counter, you will need a 30″ high stool.

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For a 44-46″ high counter, you will need a 34″ high stool.

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For a 47-48″ high counter, you will need a 36″ high stool.

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How many can I fit?

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4 barstools with backs and arms
4 Barstools with Backs

– or –

5 barstools with backs and no arms

5 Armless Barstools

2 barstools with backs and arms and 1 backless
2 barstools with backs and 1 backless

– or –

4 barstools with backs and no arms
4 Barstools with Backs

2 barstools with backs and arms and 1 backless
2 Barstools with Backs and 1 Backless

– or –

3 barstools with backs (no arms)
3 Barstools with Backless, Armless

2 barstools with backs (with or without arms)
2 Barstools with or without arms

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If you’d rather not use our calculators above, here’s some other information:

How to choose the right seat height for your bar stool

It’s easy to figure out how high the seat of your barstools should be. Just follow this one simple rule:

The top of the seat of a barstool should be 10 to 12 inches
below the top of the counter or bar.

All you have to do is measure the height of your counter – from the floor to the top, flat surface – and you know what seat height is best.

Here’s the step-by-step process:

1. Measure from the floor to the top of the counter.

2. Subtract 10-12 inches – this is your ideal seat height.

3. Order stools that are closest to this ideal seat height. See below to learn about the three most common seat heights of barstools.

The three common seat heights of bar stools

Simply pick the one that gives you about a foot of room from seat to counter.

  • 26 inch Counter Height26 inch Counter Height
  • 30 inch Bar Height30 inch Bar Height
  • 34 inch Spectator Height34 inch Spectator Height

Once you know your seat height, here are a few other things to consider:

Will the stool’s arms fit under your counter?

We have height measurements for nearly all of our stools with arms. Use these measurements to make sure a stool’s arms will fit under your counter, or else the stools might butt up against your counter top and you won’t be able to tuck in.

Most of our stools with arms fit under standard counter overhangs, but it’s important to double check if you’re thinking about a stool with arms.

Does your counter have an underhang?

Most counters that are made for stools will have nothing beneath the counter, in order to give you the most space for pulling up a stool.

You should take special care with counters like the one on the right, with “underhangs” below the counter. Sometimes these counters weren’t made with stools in mind.

Overhang (left), Underhang (right)Overhang (left), Underhang (right)

Will you use the stool in more than one place?

If you plan to move the stool between different height counters, we recommend an adjustable height stool. Adjustable stools are also great if you’re very concerned with ergonomics and want to get the perfect height.

Consider chair and vanity height stools for low surfaces.

Vanity HeightChair and vanity-height stools have a seat height of approximately 17 inch. These low height stools are perfect for your desk or vanity table. Browse all of them by clicking here.

Still wondering?

If you’re still wondering exactly which size barstool to order, please contact us below. We’re happy to offer suggestions for which barstool is right for you and your space.


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